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It is talked of as the land of dream fulfillment, of cutting edge quality, of mega bucks and of life as you want it to be.
Whatever you have heard about the U.S., it's true. And getting an education there is probably the simplest and most reputable way of being a part of the great American dream. And also, US education is eminently affordable, if done the right way. Unlike other parts of the world, where self-funding is the only way to pay for your education, the US education system offers an array of scholarships and loans besides earn-as-you-learn opportunities.

The three most important criteria for both graduate & undergraduate courses are :

  • Consistently Good Academic Record
  • Financial Support
  • Proficiency in English

Other eligibility criteria :

Undergraduate Programs (BS, BE, BA etc)
Most Colleges all over the U.S. require a minimum of 12 years of formal education. In the Nepali context, it implies qualifying in class 12th examination or junior college, as applicable.

Graduate Programs (MS, MA,MBA etc)
Most schools require qualifications comparable to a U.S. Bachelor’s degree (Four-Year Degree Program) or a minimum of 16 years of formal education. In the Nepali context, this implies qualifying in either a professional four-year course like engineering or other such courses.

Students who apply are also required to take standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOEFL etc. depending on the course or program chosen. The minimum TOEFL score required is usually 550 (Paper-based test) or 220 (Computer-based test) for graduate courses.


Visa issues exercise the minds of most students and parents. There are no assurances that you will get the student visa. No one can assure of this and if there is a counsellor promising you 99% visa success rate – well that’s not true. That’s just nonsense! There are no assurances, connections, or other methods of obtaining a US visa – you need to accept that now. However, be assured it is not an impossible task, if your intentions are honest and your documentation is accurate.

Once the student has received the Offer from the University, we give guidance for preparing the necessary documents for the visa interview. We conduct mock interviews as well!!!
We assist you at every stage in getting you a Visa. We go to great lengths to ensure that your visa applications are made out correctly, in every minute detail.

To apply for a student visa you must submit your visa application at the nearest High Commission or Embassy in your home country. Your application with all the required documents and visa fee will be accepted and put up for decision to an officer from the nearest visa issuing centre of the High Commission or Embassy. Usually they High Commission or Embassy aims to make decisions on visa applications within 2 working days, although this may take slightly longer during the busy periods. If an interview is required then the application process will take longer and you are therefore advised to apply for your visa at least 1 month before your course commences.
If your application is fully prepared, and accompanied by relevant documentary evidence of your circumstances, you may be issued a visa without an interview.

Documents Required

  • Visa application form completely and accurately filled in
  • Visa fees
  • Passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the end of the required period.
  • Academic mark sheets
  • Original Score Sheets of TOEFL / SAT Examinations
  • Scholarships and awards secured, if any
  • Financial Documents - Personal bank statements, letter from parents, all other property information etc.(should prove that all expenses can be covered)
  • One/Two recent photograph
  • I-20 of the college
  • Acceptance letter from the college

Basic Questions asked during visa interview

  • Why do you want to study in the country you've applied for?
  • How did you select this university? What major are you planning to pursue and why?
  • Do you have any relatives/family in that country? If so, who all and your relationship with each of them?
  • How many schools did you apply to?
  • How many schools did you receive admission from?